I am so, here!

Why? Why did I start a blog? Was it because I thought it was a trendy thing to do? Or was it out of pure boredom? Well, let me start by answering the first question, “why”.  With all of the blogs about natural foods, raw foods, natural this and that, I thought it would be a good idea to have a “one stop shop” for all things natural! I wanted a place where people of all walks of life could come and share their ideas, recipes, and over all, share some positive experiences (and maybe some not so positive experiences) with natural products.  I wanted a place where people could share their opinions about certain natural products, because what may work for one person may not work for another!

Now I am usually not one to follow trends. Ha! I am as un-trendy as they come! I try things, if they work, they work! I like to explore new things and listen to different opinions. And listening to different opinions on natural foods and products is what led me here! Yes, right here! About two years ago, I started to hear whispers of “raw food diets”, “natural hair movements”, “natural cleaning products”.  Slowly, I found myself researching and sharing my information with my friends (who rolled their eyes) and my boyfriend (who well…uh um…also rolled his eyes).  But that did not discourage me from wanting to learn more! And LEARNING MORE I AM!

So, lets see, as for the boredom? Well, I am a mother of two beautiful boys and a girlfriend to a wonderful Veteran…nope! Not bored at all! Oh and did I mention, I have a full time job and studying for the LSAT (thinking about law school).  Nope, I would seem to have my plate full, but I LOVE learning about this “stuff”. This awesomely raw, natural, organic, stuff and I am so eager to share my experiences with everyone and maybe, just maybe, “everyone” can share some back!


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